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Prepaid Casino Cards

Prepaid casino cards or debit cards are referred to as gift cards or re-loadable cards. These cards are easily purchased from retail stores or online and come with the Visa/MC logo. There are a few different companies that you may want to look into as far which one will best suit your needs. NetSpend, Wired Plastic and Green Dot are the recommended re-loadable debit cards for the players in the USA.

The prepaid gift cards are purchased at a set amount for the card. There are various amounts that are preset on the cards from $25 to $100 each. These cards are a “one time use” card. Once the funds are depleted, the card cannot be reloaded or reused. If you are going to make casino deposits using a gift card, make sure you keep the card in your possession. Do not throw the card away after you use all the money on it, because as stated in the instructions for Visa/MC/Amex deposits, the casino will ask for a copy of the card upon a withdrawal request.  Remember that the casino may only allow you to register 3 credit cards at one time. If you choose to use multiple gift cards, you will have to contact the casino to have the old cards removed from your account. The steps for depositing at an online casino, using one of these cards, are the same as the directions for using a Visa/MC/Amex.

Re-loadable debit cards are reusable prepaid casino cards. You are able to load the cards with money at various places and each different brand will have their own locations for reloading. The pre-paid cards can be used to make online purchases as well as  purchases at your local retail outlet, just like a credit card or a debit card that is associated with a checking account. But what is great about a re-loadable debit card, there is no credit check to obtain one of these cards and you do not need a checking account to link the card to. You add funds to the card, spend the money on the card and then reload it again. There is no chance of over spending because you can only spend what you load. Some re-loadable debit cards allow you to have your paycheck directly deposited onto the card and they will supply you with an account number and routing number for the card. This allows you to accept deposits onto the card, just like a checking account. You will make deposits into the online casinos using your prepaid casino card just as you would a Visa/MC/Amex deposit.

NetSpend is a popular card among USA online casino players. They can be purchased online or at a retail outlet. You may have your paychecks or government checks directly deposited onto the card. You are supplied with a “checking” account number and a routing number so making a deposit is possibly from a PayPal account. A PayPal deposit is not instant as they take 2 -3 business days to hit your card. Casino deposits are made just as they are with a credit card but you may not receive winnings onto a NetSpend card. NetSpend does not accept wire transfers. 

Wired Plastic is a great re-loadable card that has the same great features as the NetSpend card but with one huge exception. They accept wire transfers. What does that mean for you? It means that you can set up your UseMyWallet account to send your winning funds to your Wired Plastic card. This is the card that the USA player needs to accompany their UseMyWallet account, if they do not have a checking account! Wired Plastic will supply you with all account numbers needed to receive wire transfers. 

Green Dot is another recommended “pay as you go card”. There is no credit check and no bank account required. They offer a Visa or a MC debit card personalized with your name it, just like the other 2 mentioned cards. This card accepts payroll deposits and is safer than carrying cash. If it is lost or stolen, contact Green Dot and they will assist you in replacing your card.

Reloading funds at a retail outlet are instant with all of these cards. You will have access to your funds immediately. Please check all the websites for the fees that are associated with these cards and their reload locations. Anyone of these cards are very reliable as far as depositing from the USA.
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